LWM Italia always provides a quick service for its customers.
The purpose of LWM Italia Ltd is to provide first-class service for its clients. Our skilled staff will assist you no matter it involves detailed advice, a repair or other particular services.
Our specialized laboratory repairs and restores your watches of all brands. It can as well evaluate and overhaul your watch.

We are following the current standards to put in place in the workshops of the major watch brands. That’s why, our laboratory space is projected in way to avoid excess dust, the workstations are equipped with bellows and vacuum cleaners, as well specific lighting is installed. As a result, all the watches we work on are disassembled in a favorable environment.
Adjoining the watch lab, in a specific room, there are several washing machines, an ultrasonic tray dedicated to cleaning the dressings.


LWM Italia Ltd provides you with a prompt initial assessment for your repair, and has the necessary equipment to perform most small or common repairs. Our stock is equipped with spare parts in stock for different models and brands of luxury watches.

For complex repairs that our laboratory couldn’t accomplish, we will provide for a detailed estimate from the manufacture. LWM Italia Srl ensure prompt servicing for its customers.

For all types of watch repairs, we will be able to make you an estimate before you carry out your repair.

Our lab provides services such as:
– Dismounting the watch and controlling all components;
– Complete mechanical review and lubrication;
– Cleaning and replacing parts of the basic movement;
– Replacement quartz batteries and cleaning circuits;
– Adjusting and calibrating movement;
– Proof of waterproofness to water, dust and vapours;

but also….

– General quality control;
– Restoration and renovation of old, used, vintage and vintage watches;
– Dial replacement;
– Laser polishing and filling;
– Make-up bracelets;
– Supplying straps of every size, material and color;
– Supply of spare parts (shirts, glass, seals, etc.).

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